When elevators get stuck, Trina is the overweight dispatch operator on the other end of the emergency line. Trina’s job gets the best of her as she tries to complete just one day of healthy eating. Harassed by her cruel boss and overwhelmed by the trapped elevator occupants that reach out to her for help, her only escape is Lola, a fitness guru who she desperately tries to emulate.

In this slow building drama of intertwining stories about people trapped in elevators, our heroes and villians must fight to overcome their struggles with homophobia, food addiction and racism.


My mission as a filmmaker is to to explore the social, sub cultural and international aspects of our nation, one story at a time. Our world is in crisis and I believe that art can heal. Given the divisive temperature of our current society I do believe that this film is timely and needed.

One of the many things I feel is missing in our society today is the ability to listen to each other, truly connect and come to respect and understand each other regardless of where we come from or which God we believe in.

That is one of the main reasons I’ve trapped the characters in this film in elevators. It was a cost effective way to force opposing characters to listen to each other and perhaps come away with a new or refreshed insight on race relations, food addiction and homophobia.

We are so busy being talked at in the media, on social media these days, I feel that the intimacy of the forced relationships in this film will speak to many of us. Especially those of us that crave real intimacy, peace and understanding to some of the problems our country is plagued with today.

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-Angela Matemotja